New Titanium Coated 40mm Straight Trimming Scissors or Bonsai Pruning Shears for Grow Room or Gardening 2-Pack

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Item Package Quantity:2  |  Material Type:Titanium Clean, precise cuts every time Whether you need to prune your prized bonsai tree, or manicure your plump buds, Happy Hydro 40mm Trimming Scissors keep you clipping along accurately and efficiently. Their short blades are perfect for accessing narrow openings and hard-to-reach growth, and their stainless steel construction maintains razor sharpness cut after cut. Because these scissors are springless, they eliminate the resistance that results in hand fatigue, so you can prune an entire grow room without painful cramping or callousing. Designed with comfort and durability in mind These compact bud trimming scissors feature rubberized TPU (extremely durable blend of soft silicone and hard plastic) grips, ergonomically molded to further reduce hand fatigue. This also promotes control and maneuverability so you can make accurate cuts every time. Titanium coating on the blades makes them resistant to residue and easy to clean so the scissors won't stick or bind, which can result in plant damage. These ambidextrous trimming scissors are perfect for floral shops and growing operations because both right- and left-handed employees can use them with ease. Lightweight, versatile plant care accessories Weighing just 3.2 oz and measuring 8.8' x 3.5', these compact scissors are ideal for hydroponic or window box gardening, snipping herbs or deadheading flowers. They slip into an apron pocket when not in use, leaving hands free to inspect and water plants. You can also hang them from a pegboard or store them in a toolbox. Easily maintain the growth, shape, and health of your plants. Add Happy Hydro Titanium Coated 40mm Trimming Scissors to your cart today.