New safelumin SA19-450U27 LED Emergency Light Bulbs for Home Safety during a Power Outage or Power Failure, Battery Backup lasts 3 Hours, 40W Equivalent 470lm (2700K Warm White)

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Color:2700k (Warm White)  |  Size:1 Pack Stay safe when the power goes out. Our safety light bulbs provide light even during outages! Fits in everyday lamps and light fixtures. Use as an everyday bulb when the power is on. Power out? Just flip the light switch or turn on the lamp and this bulb still works for up to 3 hours! Recharges itself automatically when the power comes back on. This is a truly unique emergency led light that holds a charge and can be switched on and off when the power is out. The led emergency light stays off holding its charge until you want it on, so you can keep different lights on through an extended outage. There are a battery test feature and a self-charging replaceable battery. US Patents. Here's how it works: Use this just like any light bulb; in lamps or light fixtures (light fixtures not enclosed) Our safety light bulbs are compatible with normal CFL and LED bulbs on the same switch. When the light switch is on you get warm, bright light from the 40W equivalent bulb for 6.5W. After the power goes out, this bulb will turn on again instantly. If it's on, it stays on for up to 3 hours. If it is off, it stays off until you turn it on at the switch.