New Rice Paper Wall Mount Lamp Sconce with Toggle Switch Chandelier Light Bulbs Included Cream Set of 2

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An Acquired Taste of Soft Ambient Lighting for Peace and Tranquility Will Also Provide Exquisite Decoration on a Low Budget... Sufficient Brightness: The lamps come with a 25 watt Chandelier light bulb to provide soft mood lighting, but if you like bright lights and want to make use of these beautiful wall lamps you can always switch to an LED light bulb for extra brightness. Versatile Switch: Each rice paper wall scone comes with a toggle switch for easy on/off access, you won’t have to lean forward to plug the cord in/out every time. The paper is made of high-quality material to keep you satisfied for years to come, it won’t tear easily. Space Saver: The space saving design and great source of soft ambient lighting is perfect for Feng Shui decorations, limited floor space apartments, dorm rooms, bedrooms, home office, kid’s room or nursery. The Rice Paper Wall Mounted Lamps Will Help You To: Add soft ambient and romantic lighting to your bedroom, use wall lamps in your home with limited floor space, create a Feng Shui decor, and use the light in your home for a spa like feeling to soften your mood. The wall scones are perfect for use in your living room, bedroom, kid’s room, nursery, dorm room, business, home office, and many more. Affordable, versatile, practical, stylish, trendy, chic and space saver design is a must have in everyone’s possession. Specifications: Material: Metal & Paper Color: Cream Each Lamp’s Dimensions: 7” x 4.8” x 10.5” What is in the Package: 2 Paper Wall Lamps with Toggle Switch, 4 25 Watt Chandelier Light Bulbs and Mounting Hardware Included. So click the Add to Cart Button NOW and Order Yours Today