New LUXON Motion Sensor Light Bulb 7W Smart Bulb Radar Dusk to Dawn LED Motion Sensor Light Bulbs E26 Base Indoor Sensor Night Lights Soft White 2700K Outdoor Motion Sensor Bulb Auto On/Off (Pack of 4)

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RADAR MOTION SENSORS BULBS are the latest in motion sensor technology. RADAR provides superior sensing capabilities when compared to infrared sensors. With wider sensing angles and further reach this new technology is sure to “Cover” your needs. One of the MOST IMPORTANT factors is their ability to penetrate non-metallic surfaces such as light fixtures.MULTIPLE APPLICATIONS include Stairways, Hallways, Corridors, Porch Lighting, Shed, Garage, Laundry Room or Closet. For optimum results install vertically, with the bulb aiming down. HANDS FREE LIGHTING is not only for added convenience, but SAFETY! Are you tired of fumbling for a light switch when you have a laundry basket in your arms? In the past you would have to wire in a motion sensor switch, but with this all-in-one unit now you can just screw in this bulb and you’re out of the dark! HOW TO GET STARTED?1.Screw in bulb, it will keep lighting for 40-60 seconds the first time, if people or pets move around in sense distance it will keep lighting until you leave.(This is only for the first time, when the bulb turn off, it only work in the dark in future days)2.Wait until DARK.3.Walk under light.1.Light remains lit while motion is detected. After 25 seconds of inactivity light turns off.Product SpecificationsWatts: 7WVoltage: 85-265VPower: IC constant current powerSource: LED wafer chipLuminous flux: 630 lmColor Temperature: 2700KCRI: 80Bulb base: E26Viewing angle: 180 °Function: Radar sensorInduction distance: 4-8 metersDelay: 24 secondsOperating temperature: -10°-40 °Operating Humidity: 10-70% RHLife: 20000Hours Warranty: One yearProduct weight: 64gProduct size : 6.5*12cm