JOKOVIAN 4 Pcs Steam Mop Replacement Pads Compatible for Shark Steam Pocket Mop Pads Washable Microfiber for Hard Floor Cleaner S3501 S3550 S3601 S3601d S3801 S3801CO S3901 SE450 S2901 S2902

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The Shark Steam Mop Replacement Pads 4-Pack is the cleaning pad option that works with Shark Pocket steam mop 3500 series. These pads easily attach to the mop at the bottom and the pads can be machine washed and used multiple times over. FEATURES: ?This can help you to save money since they can be reused. ?The Steam Mop pads were created out of microfiber material ?The pads are each made in a triple-layer design. ?This makes them durable enough to hold and lock in dirt. ?The design also allows it to clean floors without scratching surfaces or leaving smears on floors. ?The Shark mop pads work to leave floors clean and dry. ?They can be used on multiple surfaces like tile, ceramic, wood, vinyl and more. PRODUCT DETAILS: Size: 12.6 x 7 inches Material: Microfiber Package: 4 pack pads COMPATIBLE FOR SHARK STEAM MOP MODEL: S2902, S3450, S3452, S3455K, S3501, S3501SPN, S3501WM, S3550, S3601, S3601C, S3601CO, S3601D, S3601K, S3601Q, S3601W, S3601WC, S3801, S3801CO, S3901, S3901A, S3901C, S3901D, S3901FS, S3901K, S3901Q, S3901W, S3901WC, S3901WM, SE400, SE450