gonicc Professional Adjustable 33"+ 13" Hedge Shears. Handle Length Range 19"-32", with Wavy SK-5 Steel Blade, Adjustable Blade Pressure,Garden Pruning Hand Hedge Trimmers, Grass Clippers Shears

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Check out the benefits of Gonicc Professional Adjustable 33"+ 13" Hedge Shears: Durable Adjustable Handles - This hedge trimmer is the ideal tool for trimming and shaping your shrubs and decorative plants. Reach any shrub far and high! The overall length in closed position is 33" and the overall length in extended mode is 46". Made of aluminium alloy and rubber , the non-slip handle is of high quality, Ergonomic designed make it more stable, durable and more comfortable during the garden work Shock Absorbing Bumpers - The shock-absorbing design will prevent most of shock during the trimming and reduce fatigue of arms and shoulders. Adjustable Blade Pressure - You can adjust the screw at the bottom of blade to change the pressure between two blades, it will make you easily to prune different types of plants. SK-5 High Carbon Steel Wavy Blades - Quality blade made of high carbon SK-5 steel. SK5 carbon steel blades are ultra strong, sharper and stays sharper than your ordinary blade and lasts even longer! No more worrying about a pruning lopper blade that might become dull after just a few cuts. The Newest Hollow Blades Technology - The newest hollow blades technology will reduce the resistance better when you used it to trimming and shaping. Tips of Gonicc Professional Adjustable 33"+ 13" Hedge Shears: - Please wipe the stain on the product gently after use and smear Anti-rust oil on it regularly. - The sharp blade is dangerous for children! Please keep far away from children CLICK ADD TO CART AND ORDER YOURS TODAY!