25Ft led Globe String Lights IP45 Waterproof Lights String Light Bulb 1W 2700K Warm White for HomeGardenTerracePartyChristmasWeddingWarmWhite

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product information: Name: G40 light string Item No.: G40-25 Color: Tungsten wire clear Wire color: black Light distance string: 12 feet Number of bulb lights: 25 lights Features: Beautiful lights Using high-grade transparent glass mask, high load brightness, uniform light, beautiful and practical Durable Our G40 outdoor terrace light string-waterproof earth lights are sturdy and durable, even shatter-proof, thick filaments, seismic tests, thick texture, high-strength metal connectors, strong oxidation resistance, long-term wear and tear, stable performance ,Energy saving and environmental protection Weatherproof Our light string uses plastic PP anti-resistance fuel, which can be used continuously in any weather conditions, and there are waterproof holes for water leakage, whether it is raining, windy or snowing.