New Bypass Pruning Shears For Garden Maintenance | Branch Clippers & Rose Pruning Shears | Hand Pruners with Ergonomic Handles, Shock-Absorbent Spring & Safety Lock | Gardening Scissors Set by Astorn

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Keep Your Garden Healthy & Beautiful Is your yard overgrown with dead twigs and brambles? Ideal for trimming and shaping overgrown vines, small branches and manicured shrubs—these gardening scissors take the pain and frustration out of your pruning projects! With their precision steel blades and telescopic spring, these pruning scissors are designed to make precise cuts and require minimal pressure to use. The ergonomic cushions absorb pressure so your hands and arms don’t have to, while the comfortable handles keep cramps and hand fatigue away. Whether you’re trimming twigs and bush shrub or pruning bushes, these anvil pruning shears will and keep you feeling fresh and trimming in comfort. Make your garden beautiful in no time! Quality Gardening tools need to be durable and resilient enough to stand up to harsh weather, heavy use and and hard abrasion. These shrub shears have sharp precision steel blades, a shock-absorbent spring loaded mechanism, and ergonomic cushioned handles. Our premium bypass loppers are designed to provide the quality and durability you’re looking for! Features -Precision Steel Blades -Shock-Absorbent Cushion
-Ergonomic Non-Slip Handles -Telescopic Tension Spring
-Lightweight Design -Safety Lock
-Length: 8”/21 cm Multi-Purpose Use This pruning scissors set is ideal for almost any light-use trimming project! Use these branch clippers to clean up your manicured shrub or indoor plants. Trim overgrown wisteria or roses to prep them for the next set of blooms. Cut back thorn bushes, fibrous plants or dead twigs. Whether you’re keeping troublesome plants contained or pruning trees to get full spring foliage, this pruner set will help you get the job done! Gift Ideas Looking for a practical gift idea for a gardener or yard work enthusiast? Our professional grade bypass pruner blades are an essential for pruning tool set!