Gargle Away by Natures Jeannie All Natural Mucus Care- for Mucus Relief Sinus Congestion Nasal Drip Cough 6 Packets Ginger Lemon Flavor

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Nature's Jeanie Mucus Care is a tried and true blend of herbs and minerals used for centuries by some of the oldest systems of traditional medicine from Tibet to India to China. Excess mucus and phlegm are the result of colds, allergies, respiratory infections, and other breathing conditions. Persistent coughing is the body's way to try to rid mucus phleg. Gargle Away's Mucus Care is a blend of 6 herbs and minerals designed to dislodge and expel tough mucus. It helps drain post nasal drip and aids in soothing sinus congestion and persistent coughs. What started out as a single mission to develop a robust comprehensive sore throat remedy for personal reasons grew into a full blown mission. Their goal was to develop an actual throat care 'remedy' you can rely on the moment you feel a sore throat coming on and to treat it immediately helping you to eliminate the need for antibotics if at all possible. Nature's Jeanie evolved from Gargle Away Advanced Throat Care to further developing and offering more all-natural products related to whole body wellnerss, to encourage all to live well naturally.