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About CFMOUR Cube Upgrade version of carbon fiber 3x3 Cube Mind Game Kids Cube Professional Speed Puzzle Toys,Exercise your mind and solve this classic puzzle that has millions occupied.  - Our Speed Cube is very educational and helps to develop the fingers as well as the brain.  - Our Magic Cube can foster your kid's sense of space and enhance a child's memory.  - Our Puzzle Cube is also a teaching tool to help students enhance their geometry thinking ability.  - Our Speed Cube improves anti-pop technology and structure for extremely fast and smooth cornering, It doesn't corner twist as often nor does it lock up and difficult to pop.  - Our 3x3 Cube with lots of practice you can solve it in under 10 seconds!  - The latest generation of spring-adjustable designs: CFMOUR allows you to finely adjusting the tightness of the magic cube, you’ll be able to get the speed and smooth cube as you wish. Easily find the perfect magic cube for yourself! How to adjust your own cube? 1.Force out the center piece of the cube. 2.Now you could see the spring inside the cube. 3.Use a screwdriver to adjust the tightness of the cube. Specifications Color: Black Level: 3x3x3 Size:5.7cmx5.7cmx5.7cm Material: ABS material and Carbon Fiber stickers Weight: About 82g / 95g with PACKAGE